Spiritual Vitality

Asbury University stands in the Wesleyan theological tradition - believing that an act of God’s grace upon which one receives the offer of salvation through the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ can indeed transform a human heart in such a way that through His mercy they can experience holiness of life, have a heart that exhibits His love, and become an agent of His grace for the advancement of God's Kingdom here on earth.

Academic excellence and spiritual vitality is the mission of Asbury University. An important aspect of spiritual vitality is the experience of community. The school of GPS desires to build community and to connect students to opportunities for spiritual growth through strategies and initiatives that meet the needs of a geographically-dispersed, non-traditional student population. The University is committed to engaging students with Christ’s message of love and salvation, and equipping them with knowledge and skills for making personal growth, servant leadership, and holiness lifelong pursuits.