Through the MyBusiness Portal, students gain access to the tools needed for managing their finances with Asbury University. Your MyBusiness account gives you access to the following features:


  • Pay Bills to Asbury.
  • View your Asbury Billing Statement.


  • Review Asbury Payments.


  • Select your method of Refund/ Paycheck disbursement. (See the Refund/ Paycheck enrollment information below).
  • View a summary of your refund/paycheck disbursements.


  • Simply visit to enter the ‘MyBusiness Portal’.
  • From the ‘MyBusiness Portal’, select the ‘MyFunds’ tab, choose the option that is best for you and follow the easy steps to complete your enrollment.
    • No-Fee Sallie Mae Student Checking Account- (Ensure that your pop-up blockers are turned off, while selecting the ‘No-Fee Student Checking Account option).
    • Deposit to an existing checking account (United States Banks only)
    • Deposit to an existing savings account (United States Banks only)

MySallieMaePayment Plan:

Asbury University tuition payment plans are administered by Sallie Mae®. These plans offer convenient, manageable ways to pay your tuition and fees in interest-free monthly installments, rather than one lump sum. Students and Additional Payers can set up automatic payments, pay online through a checking or savings account or pay by credit card. Payment plans are interest free, making them a great alternative to traditional student loans. You can also use a plan in conjunction with traditional student loans and other financial aid.

HERE’S HOW THEY WORK: Tuition payment plans administered by Sallie Mae® offer you the opportunity to pay the cost of the semester through interest-free, monthly plans. When you enroll, you will be charged a non-refundable application fee of $30 per semester. Students will be notified of payment plan enrollment deadlines in the Student Accounts Packet that they receive by mail after completing course registration.

Payment Plan Enrollment Deadlines-

Fall Semester
4 Payment Plan: July 31st

Spring Semester
4 Payment Plan: January 31st


  • View your personal ‘MyBusiness’ portal profile information.
  • Invite other payers.
  • View/Change your MyBusiness’ portal login information.
  • View your bank account profiles.

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