Complete Student Accounts Packet

Welcome to Asbury University! Students who have been admitted to the University and who have completed course registration will receive by mail a Student Accounts Information Packet. This packet includes information about the important steps that you will need to take prior to the start of your semester related to your Student Account. It is important that students respond in a timely manner to the information that is covered in this packet.


  1. Review all instructions provided by the Student Accounts Office
  2. Review your Student Accounts Facts Sheet. Your Facts Sheet outlines your upcoming student account charges prior to the official drop/add deadline for the semester.
  3. Review, complete and return the Statement of Financial Responsibility and the Privacy Act Notice Forms. These forms must be completed and returned prior to the start of the semester.

Student Accounts Pathway Tip!

Understand, Seek, Monitor and Connect are the key actions for successfully managing the financial experience of your education.

  • UNDERSTAND the financial obligations related to your education
  • SEEK help when you have questions about your student account
  • MONITOR your student account regularly
  • CONNECT with a Student Accounts office representative for more information