MA in Communication: Digital Storytelling

Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once quipped, “All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.” Stories are in all of us. They are an expression of who we are. Therefore, the Digital Storytelling program is for anyone who wants to use narrative as a way of sharing and interpreting experience, creating community, engaging culture, and generating universal understanding.

Quick Facts

  • Program Delivery Format: Online and on-campus
  • Credit Hours: 30-45 total hours
  • Potential Career Fields: Film Production, Television Production, Radio, Public Relations, Journalism, Multimedia/Web-Based Media, and Church-related Media Professional
  • 2015 Tuition Rate: $558 per credit hour
  • Department Webpage: School of Communication Arts: MA in Communication

Distinguishing Program Features

As a SACS accredited, top five ranked Regional College (South) by US News and World Report, the program combines distinguished academics and unique, real world applications.

Storytelling continues to be a critical means by which our society asks questions and seeks answers. The Digital Storytelling graduate degree is designed to prepare graduates to use multiple channels of media to tell and interpret stories of significance.

Housed within the School of Communication Arts, this major will prepare students who can engage and transform culture. Students will review and analyze media messages in light of a Biblical worldview. They will also refine their own story-telling skills by analyzing and critiquing the work of other creators of media content, and by developing their own unique story-telling content or critique.

How the Program Is Delivered

Our instructional delivery method is “blended” with courses online with virtual and short-term face-to-face instruction in order for students to have opportunity for enrolling who are geographically dispersed and would be unable to attend full-time on our residential campus.

The M.A. in Communication degree uses a primarily hybrid delivery system to reach the largest number of potential students. All students will take online classes and complete an apprenticeship. Students who do not hold a media undergraduate degree are required to attend a 2-4 week session on the Wilmore campus in our new, state-of-the-art Communication Arts facility. The online sessions will include project-based learning, synchronous and asynchronous sessions, webinars, ad hoc conferencing for group work, and videoconferencing. Our goal is to adapt this program to new technologies as they emerge and prove successful for instruction. This program will be made available to students nationally and internationally.

How the Program will Benefit Me

The Masters of Digital Storytelling mission will enable graduates to be able to better communicate their values and message, thereby helping them become more effective leaders. Specifically, storytelling is inherent. That is, we are driven to tell stories because storytelling is a primary vehicle whereby we enable others to understand us and we come to understand our world. Every person has a desire to tell stories - to use narrative as a means of making connections. That connection comes alive when the storyteller captures the emotions of the audience as well as their minds. So, students will work to create, produce, tell and interpret stories. In doing so, students benefit in several ways.

Having enrolled in the Digital Storytelling program, every student will:

  • Become more competent when telling stories in any field, thus becoming more marketable to prospective employees.
  • Learn the craft of creating relevant, audience-centered stories through character, plot, and action that enable participants to experience the events of the story.
  • Learn how to use narrative as a teaching tool for communicating key ideas and themes.
  • Learn the methods of communicating stories that have the greatest audience impact.
  • Learn to use story as a way of knowing and revealing possibilities. That is, story helps students and others reveal that which is achievable, that which is within our potential, and that which serves as the foundation for vision.
  • Gain practical hands-on experience in creating engaging, visual, and imaginative material.

These are the acquired benefits when students take ownership of and partner with the Master’s of Digital Storytelling program. From the start this master’s program is more than a way of exchanging information and promoting ideas. Rather, the program is about learning how to write more powerful stories, experiencing narrative techniques to explain universal life experiences, and learning how to integrate narrative principles and digital tools to communicate meaning. We show students how to use their voice to create a compelling vision for the world.

Please visit the School of Communication Arts: MA in Communication webpage for more specific information regarding academic and program requirements, as well as course listings, major sheets and projected course schedules.