Online Organizational Management Program

An online Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management provides students with a firm foundation in key areas of the field—accounting, management, marketing, and organizational behavior.  Such an online degree prepares students for a variety of professional options: from starting a business to a career in management; to leadership in a church or non-profit agency; to law school or an MBA program. An Asbury online degree, being grounded in Christian concepts of appropriate behavior toward individuals and society, also offers an ethical framework or decision making. In addition, geographically diverse students bring a variety of life and work experiences into classes that enrich the program.

Quick Facts

  • Program Delivery Format: Online
  • Credit Hours: 124 total hours (up to 75 may be transferred in)
  • Potential Career Fields: Organizational leadership, Small business management, Non-profit management, Supply chain management, Human resource management, and Information technology management.
  • 2016-17 Tuition Rate: $399 per credit hour (Scholarships and Financial Aid Available)
  • Department Webpage: Howard Dayton School of Business
  • Curriculum: Program Requirements

Distinguishing Online Program Features

As a SACS accredited, top five ranked Regional College (South) by US News and World Report, the program combines distinguished academics and unique, real world applications. The online Organizational Management degree program introduces theory and practice that are relevant to a wide range of business-related fields. Twenty-first century business concepts are contextualized through a focus on application to real-world situations. Students interact with faculty who bring expertise and experience in various business fields to the learning environment. Students also engage each other in a community of learning that is represented by unique professional and personal experiences.

How the Online Program is Delivered

The Asbury University Online Learning Platform includes state-of-the-art technology that enables all online students to personally engage with faculty and their cohorts.

Through interactive learning technologies, students complete courses online in a flexible, accelerated format. Most course activities are completed asynchronously, but students also participate in live, synchronous video web-conferencing sessions with instructors and students.

How the Online Program will Benefit Me

The program promotes active learning in a collaborative, technology-mediated environment. Diverse interactions with faculty, students, and 21st century business-related content equip students with knowledge and skills that are transferable to real-world contexts. Students will have opportunities to identify important connections between the Christian faith, their life, and their profession.

Online Program Admissions Requirements

  1. Completion of a minimum of 12 semester credit hours with a grade C or better from an accredited institution of higher learning. All students need to be aware that this is a 124 hour degree program.
  2. Applicants must request each college or university previously attended to send an official transcript directly to the Asbury Adult Professional Studies Program office. Hand carried transcripts are not acceptable.
  3. Application form
  4. Two satisfactory references--one from current or previous employer and one personal (non-family) reference. A web-based reference form may be submitted by those completing the reference.

[ALL TRANSCRIPTS, whether high school or University, must be sent directly from that institution to the Admissions Office of Asbury University. Hand-carried transcripts may be used for evaluation only. Hand-carried transcripts are NOT acceptable as final, official transcripts.]

Please visit the School of Business webpage for more specific information regarding academic and program requirements.