Online Leadership and Ministry Program

The online Leadership and Ministry program is an online degree completion program designed to provide busy, working adults with the opportunity to complete a college degree. The online program will benefit anyone desiring to live out their faith as a Christian with deeper meaning and purpose, and to contribute to God’s work in the world through the church. Persons considering a career transition into vocational ministry, or needing an undergraduate degree for the ministry they currently lead, or laypersons seeking to enhance their volunteer ministry opportunities will find the program particularly helpful.

Quick Facts

  • Program Delivery Format:  Online
  • Credit Hours:  124 total hours (up to 75 may be transferred in)
  • Potential Career Fields:  Pastoral leadership, Church ministry leadership, Parachurch ministries, Community programs, Non-profit organizations.
  • 2016-17 Tuition Rate:  $399 per credit hour (Scholarships and Financial Aid Available)
  • Department Webpage: Christian Studies and Philosophies
  • Curriculum: Program Requirements

Distinguishing Online Program Features

The Program, a SACS accredited, top-five ranked Regional College (South) by US News and World Report, combines distinguished academics and unique, real world applications.. The Leadership and Ministry program integrates an understanding of the Christian faith with principles of leadership and ministry, providing students with strong foundations for significant and transforming contributions to their churches and parachurch organizations. The program is intended to provide students with a strong academic background in leadership skills, further Biblical knowledge, and augment ministry expertise. Christian concepts are foundational to the program. In addition, student life and work experiences enrich the program. A Christian worldview provides a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the leadership and ministry areas.

Students in the program receive instruction from scholars and experienced ministry leaders, and engage in a variety of teaching/learning encounters.

How the Online Program is Delivered

The program is completed through online courses. The online courses occur in a dynamic learning environment that fosters meaningful interactions between students and instructors. The online courses are completed through a highly sophisticated and interactive web-based learning-management system. Courses include live, synchronous web-conferencing experiences that connect students to faculty and to each other.

How will the Online Program Benefit Me

The online Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership and Ministry will prepare students for a more meaningful experience of Christian living and serving. In addition, students without formal education in ministry currently serving in pastoral roles in their local church will be equipped with both a solid foundation that will enhance their current ministry and a starting point for pursuing graduate studies. Students preparing for ordained ministry will need to check with their denomination’s educational requirements to determine how this program will fit.

The online program is beneficial for any student pursuing a Bachelor's degree, but is particularly for those interested in leadership skills, further Biblical knowledge, and ministry expertise. The major provides the opportunity for pastors and others in ministry who never completed their degree to further build their pastoral skills. The program is beneficial to individuals who are in leadership positions and have a desire to be more effective in ministry. This degree helps prepare students for graduate and seminary work. A Christian worldview provides a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges in leadership and ministry areas.

Online Program Admissions Requirements

  1. Completion of a minimum of 12 semester credit hours with a grade C or better from an accredited institution of higher learning. All students need to be aware that this is 124 hour degree program.
  2. Applicants must request each college or university previously attended to send an official transcript directly to the Asbury Adult Professional Studies Program office. Hand carried transcripts are not acceptable.
  3. Application form and non-refundable $35 application fee.
  4. Two satisfactory references--one from current or previous employer and one personal (non-family) reference. A web-based reference form may be submitted by those completing the reference.

Visit the Adult Professional Studies Program page for more information regarding the admissions process.

[ALL TRANSCRIPTS, whether high school or University, must be sent directly from that institution to the Admissions Office of Asbury University. Hand-carried transcripts may be used for evaluation only. Hand-carried transcripts are NOT acceptable as final, official transcripts.]

Please visit the Christian Studies and Philosophies webpage for more specific information regarding academic and program requirements.

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