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Tips for Events


If you host a table at a college fair or host a regional reception, we will ensure that you have appropriate promotional materials.

Ten days prior to your event, we will ship materials to you via UPS. Once the package is sent, you will receive an email with the UPS tracking number.

The materials will include:

  • A name tag for you
  • One branded tablecloth
  • One table-top banner
  • One or two “view books” (an Asbury promotional book for students to flip through)
  • A return shipping label
  • Pens to give away
  • “Inquiry cards” (contact information cards for students to leave with you)
  • “Fair pieces” (a flashy piece to give away with bite-sized info about Asbury)
  • Asbury Academy brochures (high school dual credit information to give away)
  • Impact U fliers (information about Asbury summer camps; fliers can be given away during spring and early summer)

Once the event is over, we ask that you return any leftover materials using the included return shipping label as soon as possible. The inquiry cards are especially important to get to us quickly so that we can contact them while we are still fresh in their minds.

Helpful Tips for Before, During, and After Events

Please note, even though most of the following tips apply more to college fairs, those hosting regional events could benefit from them as well.

Before Events

  • Look the part. Dress professionally and wear comfy shoes.
  • Arrive early. Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. (College fairs generally last between 1.5 – 2.5 hours.)
  • Check in. At college fairs, there will usually be either a check-in table or a host to direct you to your table. Sometimes tables are pre-assigned, and other times you can choose your own. If given the choice, pick a table that is as visible as possible; near the door is generally best.
  • Set up. See below for a guide to setting up your table. Ensure that the Asbury logo on the tablecloth is straight!
  • Enjoy a snack. Many college fairs have a hospitality area with complimentary snacks and drinks for you to enjoy before the event begins.


During Events

  • Stand behind the table. Do not stand in front of the table or to the side. Stand behind the table so that it is obvious that you are the Asbury representative. (This rule does not apply if the table is round.)
  • Stay to the end. Some fairs may feel slow, but we always stay to the very end.
  • Getting the conversation started. Welcome students and families to the table. Let them know that you are an alumni rep and share a personal story. See further conversation tips below, as well as the Quick Facts found under the “What to Share with Students” section on the website.
  • Keep it friendly. Let Asbury’s strengths stand alone without comparing them to the weaknesses of other institutions.
  • Asbury Confidential. Don’t use a specific student’s name as an example of admissions procedures. Admissions matters must remain private.
  • Keep it simple. If you don’t know the answer, it’s okay, but don’t guess. It’s impossible to know it all, and it’s better to direct students to the website (www.asbury.edu) or make a note and have someone follow up with them than to give them incorrect information.
  • Conversation tips. We want the students and parents to have our info, and we want theirs. Give a Fair Piece to each student and collect a filled-out inquiry card from each one. We also want students to walk away interested in Asbury and wanting to visit, so encourage them to schedule a visit! Make them want to see it for themselves! If you don’t know what to say to them, start with these questions:
    • What grade are you in?
    • What are you interested in studying?
    • Do you know anything about Asbury?
    • Have you ever visited campus?
  • You can use the quick facts and talking points guide on pages 13 – 15 to give you some starting points for sharing Asbury with them.

After Events

  • Pack up. Clean up your area and take all Asbury materials with you. Ensure all trash is collected and chairs are pushed in.
  • Event evaluation. Complete the event’s evaluation form, if one has been provided. If they ask for an email, please use admissions@asbury.edu and not your personal email.
  • Asbury evaluation. We want to hear how it went! Please submit the Event Feedback Form.


Setting Up Your AU Table

An official Asbury University table at a college fair or event looks something like this:

College fair table with purple tablecloth, brochures, pens, and posters on display

You can adjust the placement of items on the table as needed. For example, if you run out of a piece, you can adjust the other items to fill the space appropriately. Use your discretion to make it look professional.

After the event, box up the tablecloth, banner, inquiry cards (both used and un-used), and any remaining marketing pieces, and ship them back to us with the return shipping label. The faster you return them to us, the faster we can contact the students who filled out inquiry cards!

Email any questions you may have to future@asbury.edu.