Future Asburians Network – Asbury University
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We all have a story to share about how Asbury University has impacted our lives. Whether it’s life-long friendships gained by the tight knit community, being academically challenged by professors who care, or meeting with the Lord in a new way during a chapel service, your story can have an impact on students trying to make one of the most important decisions of their life. By participating in the Future Asburians Network, you can make a difference in the lives of future generations that will, in turn, make an impact on the future of our world.

What does it mean to be in the Future Asburians Network?

Members of the Future Asburians Network are friends and alums of Asbury University who believe in the mission of the university, and are passionate about helping future generations discover the value of an Asbury education.

As a member of the Future Asburians Network, you are willing to represent Asbury University to your community, often in ways that are beyond the reach of our Admissions Counselors. You might run an Asbury table at a local college fair, organize and host events for interested students, connect youth in your church with Asbury information, and even meet with high school students to promote Asbury to them.

You are not necessarily an expert on Asbury University, but you are excited about the opportunities that students can receive here, and you believe that the choice of college can significantly impact the rest of their lives.

To join the Future Asburians Network, fill out the Application form below.

Application Form

Email any questions you have to future@asbury.edu.