Future of Work

SEARCH is the incubator for this new collaborative program through which we hope to investigate meaning and outcome in the "real world."

The Future of Work becomes a story of how AU helps all students – no matter their major – prepare for an unknown career, clarify calling and identity in Jesus Christ, and finish the interview prompt, “Tell me about a time when you created or improved something and shared it with someone.” The program asks the questions, "How should we work?" and "Why should we work?"

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Program Components


Students will appreciate God’s plan for humans as productive members of society and where that ideal is far from realized; Students will formulate a critique of the economic environment they will inhabit, with a focus on the future; Students will assemble and articulate the connections between liberal arts perennial skills and their relation to the world of work.

Program Components


Students will experience interdisciplinary dialogue by attending co-curricular events; Students will learn how to navigate the world of work through mentoring relationships and various workshops focused on networking skills.

Program Components


Students will either create something useful and (ideally) get it to some people who could use it/will enjoy it/ find it meaningful, or they will take something already made, improve it as needed, and get it to some people who can use it; All students are eligible to be reimbursed for up to $100 of personal expenses incurred in support of this project.

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