The Christian World of the Hobbit

Faculty and Library


Dr. Devin Brown

Professor of English

Prof. Greg Bandy

Assistant Professor of Media Communications

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Michael Peterson

Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Asbury Seminary

Prof. J. Bradley Vien

Instructor in Philosophy

Prof. James Lyons

Instructor in Philosophy

Dr. Jerry Walls

Professor of Philosophy of Religion 

Other Lewis scholars networked with the Center include Dr. David Bradshaw, Dr. Phillip Tallon, Dr. David Baggett, and Dr. Greg Bassham. Recent guest lecturers include Dr. Chris Mitchell, Director of the Wade Center at Wheaton College, and Dr. Don King, author of C. S. Lewis, Poet. Currently, we are developing a travel class to Oxford and the Kilns, Lewis’s home.

Library Collection

Our Kinlaw Library has a special Lewis Study Area which houses a complete collection of Lewis’s writings and one of the largest and best collections of commentaries on Lewis in the world.