Kentucky Author to Speak to Journalism Class

Author Angela Correll will speak at Asbury on her path to book publishing.
Author Angela Correll will speak at Asbury on her path to book publishing.

Journalism students in Professor David Wheeler’s Editing and Publishing class will have the opportunity to hear from Kentucky author Angela Correll at 11 a.m. on Dec. 2. Correll, wife of Asbury alumnus Jess Correll ’78, has written a book in the emerging “farm lit” genre, which traces the journey of a New York City flight attendant back to her family’s farm in Kentucky.

“Angela has made a great contribution to this emerging genre,” Wheeler said. “‘Farm lit,’ which is getting attention in places like The Atlantic, takes us out of the city and gets us to ponder a slower life that's more in touch with the earth and the environment. Big cities are wonderful, but we already have enough books that glamorize Manhattan. It's time to explore the beauty and wonder of a life lived in connection with nature.”

Though Wheeler’s class focuses on magazine publishing, he wants students to learn about the process of book publishing as well.

“Angela is the perfect guest speaker for this topic, and we're honored to have her on campus,” he said. “I know my students will greatly appreciate hearing about Angela's process as an author. I have a feeling that my students will leave the class feeling inspired to pursue their own dreams, whatever they might be.”

Correll’s book, “Grounded,” can be purchased online or through the Kentucky bookstores listed on her website.

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