Marcia Hurlow, Ph.D.

Professor of English and Journalism
MO 308
(859) 858-3511 ext. 2189

Dr. Marcia L. Hurlow loves creativity. Her personal interests and her research interests have centered on the Creator and creativity. She began her college career in the music conservatory of Baldwin-Wallace College, with a major in piano, minor in cello. Now a widely published poet, short story writer and journalist, she has found that her Lord and Creator has not wasted any of her education. How music, theater, art and writing inform one another enriches her enjoyment of teaching students from across the curriculum.

Dr. Hurlow's fourth book, Anomie, is a collection of poems that examine travel and nature. Poet Paul Zimmer, writing a review of Anomie in the The Georgia Review, said, "There is a gentle, alert stillness in most of Marcia L. Hurlow's poetry. Dare I say her writing is feminine? It is like the work of Abbie Huston Evans, Kathleen Raine, Jean Burden, Mary Oliver-accurate and respectful of nature. It is deep and archetypal. The work is full of wonderful trees, plants, and botanical history. The writing is intelligent, restrained, and exceedingly well wrought."

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