Things are definitely advancing around the Media Communication program at Asbury. This past year we added an additional film faculty member and six new film classes. This year we have added a full time audio faculty member and are in the process of developing new audio/recording industry courses.

The most exciting change that media students and faculty are still talking about is the new state of the art Communication Arts building. The building, which opened March 2011, includes:

  • A converging media news area providing production space for The Collegian, WACW, WASB-TV and online news and entertainment
  • A 120 seat movie and media theater
  • Two multimedia production labs
  • Audio and video editing suites
  • Professional level recording studio
  • Two film-style soundstages (5,000 sq. ft, and 6,000 sq. ft)
  • Both an interior and exterior backstage for filming
  • Support rooms for these two stages will include dressing rooms, green room, prop storage, set construction shop, and a garage area for the production trailer.

With all of these amazing new resources available, we are sure that the quality of production and learning experience of Asbury media students continues move forward and even more multifaceted than ever before. This new building is reshaping the student's experience at Asbury. To see more information about the new building, look under the "Facilities" tab at the top of this page.