At Asbury University, we believe that students need to be able to communicate ideas proficiently, and that requires a competency in the latest technology available. Asbury has more equipment (cameras and edit suites) per media student than any other school known. We have chosen primarily to use the industry standards in equipment. We do, however, give students a chance to work with some experimental systems that could become the standard of the future. The college designed and built an HD television production trailer. While it was primarily designed to be a training unit, it is also rented by the professional media on a ongoing basis. The unit also functions as the control center for our new media production building’s television studio. This is a 40 ft. network quality trailer that includes use of:

  • Up to 8 cameras
  •  HDX-900 cameras
  • P2 playback gear
  • Grass Valley Kayak switcher
  • EVS HD slow motion
  • Yamaha surround mixer with Holophone surround microphones
  • Steadicam unit
  • 20 ft. camera jib