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Blog: Asbury Students in Chicago During Spring Break

“Before we are here to serve or make a difference, we are here to love. When we fall in love, we see things differently. To fall in love is to see the beauty and the brokenness, strength and struggle, and to be captivated by it all.”

Asbury Students Grow and Serve During Spring Break

During Spring Break, Asbury University students take the opportunity to learn, grow and serve throughout the U.S. and around the world.
Class is out for Spring Break, and Asbury students are taking the week to learn, grow and serve.

Asbury Welcomes Families to Reunion 2017

Welcoming families to Reunion 2017, Asbury University's Reunion Youth Program will offer programming for kids of all ages (June 22-25).

In only three months, Cassie Davis ’02 Corbett will travel with her three children to Wilmore, Ky. for Reunion 2017: Together! at Asbury University, June 22-25.

Asbury Event Sparks Love of Science

Hosted by Asbury University’s Sigma Zeta Honors Society, “Kids College” introduced K-8 students to biology, chemistry and physics.

WILMORE, Ky. — More than 200 students from kindergarten to eighth grade visited Asbury University’s campus on Saturday for Kids’ College — an annual event introducing kids to physics, biology and chemistry in a college setting.

Asbury Opens Physical Therapy Clinic

Asbury University’s new Physical Therapy Clinic is an asset for exercise science students, student athletes and the entire campus community.

WILMORE, Ky. — Taking a new step in innovation, Asbury University has opened its own physical therapy clinic, benefitting student athletes, Exercise Science students and the entire campus community. 

Asbury Students Celebrate Black History Month

Asbury University celebrates Black History Month with events organized by Asbury’s Black Student Association.
“Learn to Step” explored the technique and historical significance of a percussive dance form.

WILMORE, Ky. — Asbury University’s campus community recently celebrated Black History Month with events organized by Asbury’s Black Student Association (BSA)

Asbury Hosts Sen. Mitch McConnell for Academic Lecture

Asbury University will guide prospective students and their families through the application process during ACCESS Days (Feb. 23-24 and March 23-24).
Asbury President Sandra C. Gray greeted Senator Mitch McConnell in Asbury's Miller School for Communication Arts.

Asbury Outreach Coalition Serves in Community

Asbury University service groups share the love of God throughout Central Kentucky.
A team of Asbury students served at Church Under the Bridge on Feb. 12.
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