Services and Support

Services and Support

The links below provide access to webpages that provide valuable information for Asbury University Online Students.  These links can also be accessed directly using the left navigation sub-menus under Online Students.

Required Technology

Minimum Technology Requirements

Reliable, up-to-date technology is an essential component for a successful online learning experience.  Please go to the Asbury University Help Desk Page for these instructions. If your computer does not exceed the minimum requirement, our online educational software may run slowly or not at all on your system.

The Asbury Online Experience

With computer and online access so readily available to you, the advantages of technology in the learning process will become apparent as you encounter web-enhanced online courses here at Asbury University.  In addition to being online, our instructors are committed to providing you an online experience that includes building relationships with them, as well as your learning cohorts.  Here are some of the reasons why we believe you will enjoy and advance academically and professionally from our online courses:

Online Learning

Welcome to Online Learning at Asbury University!

Academic Excellence and Spiritual Vitality in a Virtual Environment

Online Degree Completion (APS)

Asbury University understands and serves adult learners. The Online Degree Completion program is an accelerated online program designed to provide adult students with an opportunity to finish a college degree in the areas of business, education or ministry. In this accelerated format, students complete an entire online program in collaborative learning environments using engaging learning technologies.

Masters Degrees

Department of Social Work

Howard Dayton School of Business Programs

School of Communication Arts

Alumni & Partners

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies is pleased to partner with the Asbury University Alumni Office to help students stay connect with the University and each other.

What’s Happening?

News and Notes, Gatherings and Connections

Asbury University’s quarterly publication sent to alumni, family and friends.
Alumni Events

Student Services


The School of Graduate and Professional Studies strives to provide a high level of care to students in all aspects of their experience at Asbury University. We are committed to providing services to nontraditional students that are accessible when they need them and how they need them. The School of Graduate and Professional Studies works closely with academic departments and administrative offices to create support solutions that are responsive to the unique needs of adult learners.


Welcome from the School of Graduate and Professional Studies

The School of Graduate and Professional Studies is delighted that you are interested in continuing your education at Asbury University. We are here to support you throughout your entire experience at the University, from application to graduation. In an effort to embody the mission of Asbury University, we strive to provide every student with a high level of support and care.

About GPS

As a School of Graduate and Professional Studies, we are committed to providing student-centered care in admissions and advising, and responding to your needs throughout your program experience. We invite you to explore our School of Graduate and Professional Studies program offerings, personalized to working professionals and designed to help you achieve your academic and career dreams.

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