MA in Communications: Digital Storytelling

Russian writer Leo Tolstoy once quipped, “All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.” Stories are in all of us. They are an expression of who we are. Therefore, the Digital Storytelling program is for anyone who wants to use narrative as a way of sharing and interpreting experience, creating community, engaging culture, and generating universal understanding.

School Social Worker Certification Track

School Social Worker Certification Track

In collaboration with Asbury University’s School of Education the MSW Program offers a School Social Worker Certification Track. There are three plans available: (1) the Advanced Regular Program, requiring 60 semester hours, leading to Rank I Certification; (2) the Advanced Standing Program, requiring 39 semester hours, leading to Rank II Certification; and (3) the Certificate Program, for those already holding an MSW degree with a concentration in Child and Family Services, requiring 15 semester hours, leading to Rank I Certification.


Asbury University's Cornerstone Project is based upon four Cornerstones: Scripture, Holiness, Stewardship and Mission. The Cornerstone Project impacts the campus’s academic, spiritual, and residence life.


Through strategic initiatives for building community and engaging the hearts and minds of students, the School of GPS strives to connect students to God, others, and tools for personal growth.


Listen to Chapel

Chapel services are the heartbeat of Asbury University. It is the only time that the entire campus is regularly brought together to worship, learn and soak in the presence of our Lord. Now you can share in that experience with us.

Chapel services are streamed live by Asbury University's radio station, WACW, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 10:00am and 11:00am. To listen to chapel services, simply visit WACW and click on "listen now".

New Grant Extends School of Education's Reach

The iPad in the hands of Dr. Sherry Powers ’77 looks just like all the other technological gadgets that have made life more interesting and convenient in recent years. However, the students and faculty in Asbury University’s School of Education are busily making this small device into a powerful tool for transforming the educational experiences of children around the state.


Frequently Asked Questions About Asbury University Online

What is the difference between traditional classes and online classes?

Asbury University strives to provide quality interactions with students that include face-to-face, online chat sessions and forums embedded in the course. If you are a student that needs to have the social interaction of a traditional classroom environment, rest assured that our instructors are equipped with technology to meet your needs.

Services and Support

Services and Support

The links below provide access to webpages that provide valuable information for Asbury University Online Students.  These links can also be accessed directly using the left navigation sub-menus under Online Students.

Required Technology

Minimum Technology Requirements

Reliable, up-to-date technology is an essential component for a successful online learning experience.  Please go to the Asbury University Help Desk Page for these instructions. If your computer does not exceed the minimum requirement, our online educational software may run slowly or not at all on your system.

The Asbury Online Experience

With computer and online access so readily available to you, the advantages of technology in the learning process will become apparent as you encounter web-enhanced online courses here at Asbury University.  In addition to being online, our instructors are committed to providing you an online experience that includes building relationships with them, as well as your learning cohorts.  Here are some of the reasons why we believe you will enjoy and advance academically and professionally from our online courses:

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