Asbury TV

Narnia Night: Incarnation and Imagination

Phil Tallon discussed the relationship between Incarnation and Imagination in the work of C.S. Lewis.

Narnia Night: Greetings from Chuck Colson

Words of wisdom and greeting from Chuck Colson, from the 2008 Narnia Night Celebration.

Narnia Night: The Storyteller II

Come along and see how C.S. Lewis conceived of the story for Prince Caspian.

Narnia Night: The C.S. Lewis Center

Take a look inside the genesis and purpose of the C.S. Lewis Study Center at Asbury College.

Academics at Asbury College

Students and Faculty talk about the importance of Academics at Asbury.


Parents talk about the impact on their children's lives, and opportunities that are available here at Asbury College.


Spiritual life is the heartbeat of Asbury College. Hear personal testimonies from students about spiritual vitality.

A Day at Asbury

Follow along on a typical day at Asbury College.

My College is Asbury College

30-second TV commercial.

Theology not your thing?

Public speaking got you down? Don't sweat it, we have a ton of majors here to choose from. Seriously, turn the water works off man!

Languages not your thing?

Not the best when it comes to lanaguage? Don't sweat it we have you covered. Asbury College offers over 40 majors to choose from.

Science not your thing?

You know what a bunsen burner is for... it makes great smores. Not a "science type"? Not a problem we have a ton of majors to choose from.

Never Ordinary

At Asbury College, no day is the same. Come visit and see for yourself.

Sports at Asbury College

Athletes at Asbury College study hard, play hard and succeed.

ROTC graduation at Asbury College

ROTC graduation ceremonies for 2008 at Asbury College.