Finishing What She Started: Lucy Kilmer

In a series of features, we’ll highlight some of Asbury University’s students who are enrolled in “non-traditional” programs — Online, Degree-completion and Graduate. To find out more about these programs, please visit: Asbury University Online, Adult Professional Studies, School of Education Graduate Degrees.

Asbury University APS student Lucy Kilmer
Asbury University APS student Lucy Kilmer

For Lucy Kilmer of Dallas, Texas, a criminal justice major in the Adult Professional Studies degree-completion program at Asbury University, it’s all about finishing what she started.

“I first enrolled at Asbury 40 years ago,” she said. “I’m definitely a non-traditional student.”

The Adult Professional Studies program (APS) is a non-traditional, accelerated program designed to provide adults with an opportunity to complete a college degree. In this format, adult students attend class one night a week on a year-round basis, attend classes online or complete entire programs online with distance-learning instructors. Asbury’s online programs for undergraduates include criminal justice and elementary education (also on campus).

For Lucy, like many Asbury students, the institution is a family tradition. Both of Lucy’s brothers attended, and Lucy met the man who would become her husband in a campus singing group, the Singing Ambassadors, as a freshman. They both ended up leaving before graduating, and her husband finished two degrees at different institutions.

“Though when anyone asks us where we went, we say, ‘Asbury,’” she said. “We love Asbury.”

It was an effort to find an old classmate that reunited Lucy with Asbury. When she found out the APS program had added criminal justice classes online, finishing her degree from home moved from the realm of “It would be nice” to “I can actually do this.”

“I always had it in my mind that I would finish school, and I’m still on the right side of the dirt, so I’m going for it,” she said. “It’s given me a sense of peace. I’m very grateful to have this opportunity, and I’m thankful it’s at Asbury.”

One of the hallmarks of an Asbury education is the level of interaction between professors and students, and a thorough training process and commitment to online education has ensured that those relationships are also a priority in distance learning.

“It’s almost embarrassing to see how much I’ve e-mailed my professors,” Lucy said. “I’ve e-mailed the most basic questions, and I’ve always been answered graciously and with patience. The professors are going to do what they need to do to get me to understand the material.”

To learn more about the APS program, both online and on campus, visit:

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