Character and Fitness Form

If you answer “yes” to any question below, you must submit a full explanation in the field provided.

Please read the Professional Code of Ethics for Kentucky School Personnel.

By clicking the check box below, I affirm and declare that all information given by me on this form is true, and correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that any misrepresentation of facts, by omission or addition, may result in the denial or revocation of my teaching certificate.  Further, I understand that KRS 161.120 provides that a teaching certificate may be revoked at any time upon determination that false information was presented toward obtaining a teaching certificate.

By clicking the check box below, I declare that I understand the standard for personal and professional conduct expected of a professional educator in Kentucky.  I further certify that I have read and examined the CODE OF ETHICS applicable to school personnel, understand its provisions, and agree to abide by its terms during the course of my career as a professional educator.

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