Laughing His Way to Hope

Ken Davis
Ken Davis

Ken Davis, best-selling author, radio host and comedian, will entertain and inspire Asbury University alumni at 7 p.m. June 24 in Hughes Auditorium during the University’s annual Reunion Weekend.

Known for his mixture of humor and inspiration, Davis has written nine books for which he has received national critical acclaim, including the Campus Life “Book of the Year” award and the CBA Gold Medallion Award. Davis graduated from Oak Hills Christian College in Minnesota and currently lives in Nashville with his wife, Diane.

Material for his presentations comes from the everyday trials and joys that happen in business, faith and family life, he says.  “I talk about real life,” Davis says. “We get hundreds of emails where people ask, ‘Were you spying on us? Those are the lines we use with each other.’”

In fact, the real-word challenges he’s faced in his own life—issues ranging from insomnia to illnesses in his family—have prompted the most feedback from listeners and readers of his blog at His faith helps him navigate the hard times in ways that are inspirational to others.

“I once lost a little girl, a 4-year-old complete princess, at 10,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado,” he says. “We looked for her for hours, and the little rascal had gone two and a half miles uphill. It was miraculous that we found her.

“The question I had to face when she came back was, ‘What if? What if she hadn’t been found?’ Facing that question was one of the things that changed my life at this stage in my life. I realized if you subtract the hope of life in Christ, I’ve got nothing. There’s no hope.

“I’ve met literally dozens of people who have faced that question,” he continues. “It’s that hope that helps them to thrive on the other side, usually by reaching out to help other people.

This connection between his gifts — making people laugh and communicating the love of God — and other people’s needs keeps him on the road and in front of audiences.

“When you look at what life hands you and what some of the folks have been through, if you subtract the hope that faith brings to your life, I can’t imagine living life like that,” Davis says. “I love the part where I can see people laughing and get the chance to really encourage people.”

He is the host of the popular daily radio show, “Lighten Up,” heard on more than 800 stations across America, and he has entertained and motivated hundreds of corporate audiences and delivered his message of laughter and hope in thousands of churches. He is also the president of Dynamic Communications, a company dedicated to teaching pastors, youth workers, and lay people the skills that enable them to deliver the greatest message on Earth with clarity and power.

Registration forms for Reunion 2011 will be available in the Spring Issue of Ambassador magazine, scheduled to mail in April.

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