It's never too early…to be an Asburian!

Students in Mrs. Storie's fourth grade class on Asbury Day.

WILMORE, KY—Asbury College Alumna Linda Holt '75 Storie's fourth grade class wears their favorite shirt every Friday. Fridays are "Asbury College Day" for Mrs. Storie's students at Edinburgh Community School in Edinburgh, Ind.

The Asbury College Admissions Office, Admissions Counselor Brandon Combs and Special Events Coordinator Abby Wilkinson adopted Mrs. Storie's class this year. The office provided free "Asbury purple" t-shirts and backpacks for the students. In exchange the class wrote an Asbury College cheer, "Asbury Asbury, we love to fight. Asbury Asbury, feel our might."

The class also sent thank you notes and pictures of their class wearing their Asbury t-shirts. Student Anna writes, "I want to go to Asbury College when I get older." Another student Heaven writes, "Go Eagles!"  

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