Dr. Wallace Harned '38 - 1990 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1990

During those dark days of the depression, a young Kentuckian, alert, eager to learn, and willing to serve, arrived at Asbury. His classmates recognized his gifts and in his junior year elected him editor of the Asburian.  His senior year he was chosen by the student body to be its president.  That year the student yearbook honored him as the “Snow King.”

 For 16 years, with a brief interlude as a U.S. Naval Officer in World War II, Dr.Wallace Harned was the Business Manager of Asbury College.  Those were not easy financial days for the college.  His professional skills in accounting and his managerial gifts were of special importance in those difficult years.  Through these he gained the respect and the gratitude of those of us who knew him.

 After this, the lure of higher education and the appeal of the West took him from us.  He enrolled in UCLA where he took a Ph.D. in accounting.  He then became a faculty member at San Diego State University where he served with distinction.  For four years, he was chairman of the Department of Accounting.  Because of his personal and professional qualities, he was appointed to membership on the often-feared but highly respected national CPA examination committee.

 Although Dr. Harned has spent so much of his life in Southern California, he has not forgotten his Kentucky and Asbury roots.  He has served as a member of the alumni association.  His generous support for his alma mater gives ample evidence of his love for this institution.  Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for this is that he found his wife here, Estalene Peggy Mott, an Asbury “May Queen.”

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