Commrs. W. Todd '61 and Carol Easterday '62 Bassett - 2006 A Award Recipients

Carol, a small town girl form Olney, Illinois and Todd, the son of Salvation Army officers in New York, met at Asbury College in the late 1950s.  Shortly after they married and graduated from the College, the Bassetts were commissioned as officers in The Salvation Army.

During their career, the Bassetts served as corps officers, training school officers, territorial youth secretaries as well as divisional leaders in Northern New England, Empire State, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware divisions.

In 2000, their appointment sent them to London at the International Headquarters.  Todd served as the international secretary to the chief of staff and Carol was the mission resources secretary.

In 2002, the Bassetts returned to the U.S. when Todd was appointed the National Commander for the Salvation Army and Carol served as the National President of Women’s Ministries.  As National Commander, Todd managed The Salvation Army’s $2.5 billion budget as one of the nation’s top charities.  He was recognized as one of the nation’s top CEO’s by the Non-Profit Times shortly following the Army’s response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

The Bassetts have represented United States’ arm of TheSalvation Army all around the world, meeting with heads of states, Prime Ministers, dignitaries, as well as the President of the United States.

In 2005, Todd was elected to the National Interfaith Cable Coalition, Inc Board of Trustees.  The Board oversees the action and policies of Faith & Values Media, the nation’s largest coalition of Jewish and Christian faith groups dedicated to media production, distribution and promotion.

The couple retired from the Salvation Army in April, 2006and are enjoying retirement in Maine.  They raised three children, Jeffery, Linda Jill (Daugan) and Jonathan’92, and have 10 grandchildren.


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