Rev. Shirley Culver '67 De Wolf - 2007 A Award Recipient

Rev. Shirley Culver De Wolf, class of 1967, was awarded the A Award in 2007 for her lifelong commitment to advocating for those without a voice in Zimbabwe and others around the world.

She was born and raised in Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and is the daughter of Asbury College alumni and missionaries, Mourice "Frex" '39 and Verna Murphree '41 Culver.  She recieved her bachelor's degree in history from the College in 1967.

De Wolf had dual citizenship and could have stayed in the U.S. following college.  Instead, she made a clear and open commitment to Zimbabwe, giving up the opportunity for U.S. citizenship.

With a heart full for her countrymen, De Wolf uses her skills as a professor at Africa University and as a minister in the United Methodist Church in an effort to bring about the change in her country and surrounding nations.  She teaches Christian ethics and pastoral practice in an effort to end violence, creating new webs of relationships, visions and strategies.  Among her students are those who have been refugees, political prisoners, abducted child soldiers and victims of abuse and war.

She also runs an ongoing training program in disaster management skills.  This program works with victims of earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, tsunamis, wars and HIV/AIDS.

DeWolf has been a voice at the United Nations in promoting ethical choices to protect populations in danger.  She has testified on matters of global security and control over the production and use of small arms and nuclear weapons.

DeWolf is married to Ted Dewolf and they have two daughters, Tanya and Tinashe, and one grandchild, Garth.


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