Mrs. Sammye Smith '39 Vore - 1990 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1990

In the middle of the great depression, God in His providence brought to this campus a young woman with a winsome smile and an enchanting Georgia accent. She was so much at home here that after graduation and a short time as a teacher in the public schools she returned to teach Home Economics in the college.

Here Mrs. Sammye Smith Vore met a young and bright friend from California who was studying at Asbury Theological Seminary. Love developed into commitment, a commitment that included not only devotion to each other but a determination to serve Christ in Central America.

There she devoted her life to the education of missionary kids. She served in various leadership posts in the church and spent 30 years teaching in the Berea Bible Institute, which trained pastors for the Friends of Guatemala.  Only heaven will reveal the influence of this outstanding alumna in that country.

The commitment to excellence of Mrs. Vore is reflected in the careers of the family, which God gave to her and her husband. A daughter is now a professor of Pharmacology at the Medical School of the University of Kentucky, one son is an aerospace engineer, and the other is a medical missionary with his wife in Papua New Guinea under the Missions Board of the Church of the Nazarene. All are Asbury alumni.

It is a privilege to honor one of God’s special servants who has given her life for Christ in the depths of Guatemala.

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