Dr. Roy Lauter '61 - 2004 A Award Recipient

Dr. Roy Lauter came to Asbury College in 1961.  During his college years, he took an interim pastor position at New Hope Community Church in New Washington, Indiana.  Shortly thereafter, he was hired as New Hope's full-time pastor.  He spent much of his college years driving from Wilmore to Indiana every weekend.  He graduated in 1964, moved to Indiana and continued to pastor New Hope Community Church for the next 30 years.

Dr. Lauter started  New Hope International Ministries, through which hundreds of Asbury students have gone on short term mission trips.  Out of those students, at least 35 have become full-time missionaries.  

Dr. Lauter has done everything ranging from revivals, youth retreats, family retreats, mission conferences, leading young adults groups in his house about once a week and mentoring young pastors.

He is married to Sue Lauter.  They have one daughter, and two grandsons.

Dr. Lauter is also known for being a professor of Education here at Asbury College for 31 years. He was Director of Clinical and Field Experiences,and on numerous different types of education committees and boards.

One of Roy’s fellow colleagues described him as “a mentor, a friend, and a radiant example of a Godly servant”.



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