Dr. Ron '63 and Mrs. Bonnie Gill '64 Koteskey - 2008 A Award Recipients

Ron '63 and Bonnie Gill '64 Koteskey retired from their respective teaching positions--Ron as a professor of psychology at Asbury College and Bonnie as an elementary school teacher--to serve missionaries.

In 1997, Ron and Bonnie joined the New Hope International Ministries as Member Care Consultants.  The couple serves as volunteers, providing member care for missionaries.  They have developed resources for missionaries and their families to help them deal with life as missionaries and re-entry into the U.S. after service. 

Ron has published in many psychology journals and has written multiple books on adolescence, missions work and counseling. Ron graduated from Asbury College with a degree in psychology before attending Wayne State University for his M.A. and Ph.D.  Bonnie received a degree in elementary education from Asbury College and also holds her M.Ed.

Ron and Bonnie have three children, all Asbury graduates, as well as eight grandchildren.


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