Robert W. Ogilvie - 2008 A Award Recipient

Robert W. Ogilvie '58 has directed histology courses for medical and dental students at three medical schools, including Medical University of South Carolina, Oral Roberts University, and the University of Oklahoma.

He has embraced both traditional and progressive techniques in teaching. To enable students to be active learners, he developed WebMic, a unique web-enabled virtual microscope in collaboration with Swiss colleagues at the University of Zurich.

Dr. Ogilvie has been the recipient of 14 grants and awards during his career and many teaching awards including the South Carolina Governor's Distinguished Professor Award and Outstanding Educator and Lecturer.  He has held several noteworthy visiting professorships at universities such as Johns Hopkins Medical School, Harvard Medical School and the Beijing College of Medicine.

Dr. Ogilvie has also served as co-director of a course for students on Science and Religion.  His interest is in exploring a meaningful relationship between the way of science and of faith in seeking Truth.  He holds degrees from Asbury College, the University of Kentueky College of Medicine and the Medical University of South Carolina.

Ogilvie and his wife Betty Bennett '63 Ogilvie, have two children and six grandchildren.


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