Dr. Robert Kingsbury '56 - 1996 A Award Recipients

Bio from 1996:

Robert "Bob" Kingsbury, a native of Michigan, discovered the heartbeat of Asbury College soon after his arrival on campus in the fifties.  As a pre-med major, the lab sciences consumed his academic energy; chapel challenged his heart spiritually; and the missions fervor soon landed him in the Philippines on the sports ambassador team.  A fourth dimension of Asbury rounded out his education: matrimony to his college sweetheart, Carolyn Reeder '55.

It was certain that Bob and Carolyn Kingsbury would make a difference wherever God directed their lives.  During medical training at the University of Michigan, Bob completed his internship and surgical training at the Gorgas Hospital in Panama with weekend ministries to Indian groups in the bush country.  By 1964, the Kingsburys were off to the interior of Liberia as surgeon and medical director at the Ganta Methodist Hospital.  For nine years Carolyn and Bob devoted theirl lives tothis land in west Africa

Upon return to the States, the compassion of this surgeon for people was transfered to St. Charles, Missouri.  In 1992, the St. Joseph Health Center honored this alum, although not a clergy, with the Pastoral Care Award for his expressed concerned for the spiritual and emotional well-being of patients as well as for their physical needs.  It was in the St. Joseph setting that Bob founded the Hospice Program and became a founding member of the Academy of Hospice Physicians.  Most recently he has volunteered to direct the medical work at the Celebration Fellowship, a free medical clinic in a church basement serving a potential of 17,000 indigents in the St. Charles area.

This alum has just completed serving a two-year term as president of the Christian Medical and Dental Society, an international fellowship of medical personnel.  Armed with compassion and medical expertise, the CMDS recruits more than 1500 persons annually for short-term medical and dental missions, promotes discussion on medical ethics, mobilizes the medical community to address the health issues of America's poor, and addresses a variety of issues related to the careers of the medical profession.


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