Margaret Martin '41 Moore - 1986 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1986:

Mrs. Margaret Moore’s roots are Canadian, in that the United Church of Canada had commissioned her parents to serve as medical missionaries in Manchuria.  There, in China’s province of beauty and natural resources, Mrs. Moore was born. 

Not long afterward, however, her father transported his family to Korea where he began a new phase of his ministry.  Thus, Korea was to be home for Margaret Moore during those formative years.  In fact, Korea has been home for much of her life. College years in the United States at the New England Conservatory of Music, Nyack Training Institute, and Asbury College were only stepping stones to a career of service back home across the Pacific. 

With her husband Jim, a 1939 Asburian, she boarded an ocean liner, destined to serve in a land without Christ.  For Mrs. Moore, it would be an illustrious career of thirty-seven years. During that span of years she covered the entire spectrum of education – from organizing the first kindergarten for Seoul Foreign School to teaching at Ewha Women’s University and three Protestant seminaries. In 1986, Mrs. Margaret Moore continued to serve as a board member for Methodism’s largest seminary in the world in Seoul, Korea.

Her credentials in drama are her greatest laurels.  She organized the Bridge Drama Group, which has presented over two thousand performances for almost one million people across the Orient. Citations of honor have come to Mrs. Moore as the best director – the first woman director and the first foreign director –and for the best new play.  Her contribution to Korean drama ranges from Shakespeare and opera to commercial movies and television drama. 

Whatever her arena – the church or public media – a professional style has pervaded her work but never to the exclusion of her Christian witness.  Although officially retired from the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, Mrs. Moore continued her work for Christ.  Most recently, in 1986, she was preparing for a 1986 tour by the Bridge Drama Group to the United States.  How appropriate for Koreans to give witness in Americaas a response to this one – and her husband – who poured out their lives in Korea.

In all of this she and her husband, now gone to his eternal reward, parented five sons –four of whom attended Asbury College. 


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