Mr. Joseph Pitts '61 - 1996 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1996:

Soon after his commencement from Asbury College, Joe married his college classmate, Virginia Pratt.  Both Ginny and Joe found teaching positions immediately in Kentucky, and later in Pennsylvania, only to be interrupted by a six year tour of duty in the United States Air Force.  Those years in the military brought promotions in rank to captain and numerous military honors.  Joe's assignments included Vietnam and later the Strategic Air Command

In 1972, Mr. Pitts was first elected to public office as a state representative of Chester County, a suburb of Philadephia.  Now with twelve consecutive terms in state government, Joe Pitts has gained one of the top leadership positions within the state Republican Party.  Since 1989, Rep. Pitts has chaired the powerful House Appropriations Committee where Pennsylvania's multi-billion dollar budget is developed.

Throughout his legislative career, Pitts has been a key player in a number of arenas including Pennsylvania's Tercentenary Observance and the organization of the Keystone State Games for athletic competition.  Joe was first to chair the Capitol Preservation Committee responsible for the restoration of historical buildings and artifacts in Harrisburg.  He is a former chair of the Labor Relations Committee in state government.

New challenges now face this Asburian in this election year.  In April, Mr. Pitts was elected as the Republican candidate for the 16th Congressional District of the United States House of Representatives.  He faces a tough election in November against the Democratic nominee for the right to represent his district in our nation's govenment

Joe Pitts has been a strong leade rin Pennsylvania politics.  A demonstration of servant spirit, both to God and the public, was first learned as an Asburian.  Now, 35 years later, this honored graduate stands on the threshold of a new level of service.  It is appropriate to giv eour vote of confidence to Represenative Joseph Pitts, as a recipient of the Asbury College Alumni Award.

2006 Update:

Rep. Pitts was elected to the US. House of Representatives and is currently serving in his 9th year.  He has worked diligently to protect and strengthen family values, defend the rights of the unborn, promote religious freedom and fight the oppression of women and children.  For these efforts, he was awarded the William Wilberforce Award by the Wilberforce Forum, part of Prison Fellowship. 


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