Mr. Joseph Luce '50 - 2005 A Award Recipient

Joseph Luce, class of 1950, was the recepient of the A Award in 2005. Mr. Luce graduated from Fort Valley High School, and soon after entered the Navy. He trained with an Aviation Ordinance Flight Crew as a gunner and made it as far as San Diego to be shipped out when the war ended. He then attended Emory at Oxford and Georgia Tech, Le Tourneau Tech in Texas, and graduated from Asbury College with a degree in History.

Following graduation, Mr. Luce married Marilyn Beth Stull, the daughter of Christian and Missionary Alliance missionaries, and began working in the family business. His family owned and worked for the Blue Bird Body Company constructing Blue Bird buses. After the passing of his father Mr. Luce and his brothers (George ’39, Buddy ’44) jointly assumed the office of President.

In 1957, Mr. Luce joined the Board of Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting in Butts County, Georgia. He became president of the camp in 1990 and served in the capacity for over 10 years. He also was an active part of the Avon Park Camp Meeting in Florida.

In 1967, he joined the board of World Gospel Mission and was chair of the board from 1988 to 2001. His efforts to support and strengthen WGM’s farm school, El Sembrador, in Honduras included the shipping of farm machinery, woodworking machinery, irrigation supplies, and vehicles. He led many work teams to make building improvements as well as the construction of a hydroelectric facility. The mission’s Southwest Indian School was another of Mr. Luce’s special interests, and Mr. Luce was also involved in the installation of a hydro plant for Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, Africa.   

As an active member of his local church, Mr. Luce served as chair of the Board of Stewards and Evangelism Committee. He is also past president of the peach County Chamber of Commerce.

Mr. Luce and Marilyn Luce had four children Steve, Burt, Beth ’80, and Jenny ’81, and nine grandchildren.   

Following Marilyn Luce’s death, Mr. Luce re-acquainted with Mary Jim Fuller Lester ’53. They married on January 25, 2003.

2007 Update:

Joseph P. Luce passed away December 17, 2006.


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