Dr. John W. Z. Kurewa '64 - 1989 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1989:

Dr. John W. Z. Kurewa born and raised in Zimbabwe. He was educated at the Methodist Mission School in Old Mutare. The missionaries in Old Mutare recommended Asbury College for Dr. Kurewa at a young age. After completing his B.A. at Asbury in History, Dr. Kurewa went to Garrett Theological Seminary in Illinois and his received a Master of Divinity.   From there he went to Northwestern University and received his Ph.D. in historical theology.

He has served as a pastor and administrative assistant in the Zimbabwe Annual Conference. Dr. Kurewa gave leadership in the Christian community through the period of crisis in his country, after which he served in Geneva, Switzerland as an African consultant to the World Council of Churches.

It was upon returning to Zimbabwe in the advent of freedom and the establishment of a new government that he became official in the government.  He served as Secretary to the Parliament of Zimbabwe.  In 1987, Dr. Kurewa was appointed by the Board of Higher Education of the United Methodist Church as liaison to the Zimbabwean government to negotiate the charter of a new African Univeristy. 

Dr. Kurewa was also a part of the planning and fund raising for the building of Africa University. He also served as president and vice-chancellor of Africa University and as lecturer at Epworth Theological College and part-time lecturer at University of Zimbabwe.

He was assistant pastor at Old Metare Mission. He has also written several articles for journals and magazines.

Dr. Kurewa has received the Alumni Award from Garrett-Evangelical Seminary and a Honorary Degree from Hamline University.

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