Dr. John Ewing, Jr '74 - 1999 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1999:

Dr.John "Jack" Ewing, Jr has long been involved in higher education. He has also invested into the communities in which he has lived. He has been described by those who know him best as"a sincere and experienced professional."

Dr. John "Jack" Ewing graduated Asbury College with a BA in Physical Education, received his masters at the University of Kentucky in Physical Education specializing in Exercise Physiology, He also recieved a Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota, also in Physical Education. 

Dr. Ewing served as a faculty member from 1975 to 1979 at Asbury in the Department of Science and Health, Recreation and Physical Education.  He returned to teach again from 1982-83.  Dr. Ewing also served for eleven years as a professor and assistant dean of College Arts and Sciences at Dakota State University.  While at Dakota State, Dr. Ewing was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.  Dr. Ewing has been president of Dakota Wesleyan University and Mount Union College.

As a recognized leader in the United Methodist Church, Dr. Ewing became the first elected delegate from the Dakotas Conference to the General Conference to be held in Cleveland in 2000.  He participated as a United Methodist Volunteer on a mission work team which went to Haiti to complete a school, and he led a work team which built a playground on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Mission, South Dakota.

Dr. Ewing is also a regular Sunday school teacher and choir member. 

He has severed on the Brookings Hospital Board, Brookings Park, Recreation, and Forestry Board, and on the board of a local museum.  He was awarded the Leadership Brookings Award in 1991, a leadership training program for selected individuals who show promise for community and professional leadership.  He has been involved in leadership with the United Way and an active member of the American College of Sports Medicine and was elected to the status of Fellow in 1993. He also provided leadership in the Northland Regional Chapter of American College of sports Medicine serving as president in1984-1985 and executive director in 1987-1993 and served on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Dr. Ewing has written or co-authored five articles published in national international exercise physiology journals and given a number of presentations on health, nutrition,and fitness-related topics.

He is married to Cynthia Turkington’72 Ewing and they have twodaughters, Sara and Elizabeth. Dr. Ewing is currently serving asExecutive Director of The Foundation for Evangelism.


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