Rev. Kenneth '60 and Mrs. Sarah Murphree '60 Corson - 1995 A Award Recipients

Bio from 1995

Ken, a native of New Jersey, and Sarah from the rural Alabama town of Wedowee, met at Asbury.  Marriage and opportunity for missionary service in Cuba for one year interrupted their college studies in 1958.  Returning to Kentucky in 1959, Ken began a student appointment as Methodist minister in southern Indiana and together he and his wife completed their studies at Asbury College.  The pastoral appointment continued while Ken pursued graduate studies in sociology at Indiana University.    

For the next fifteen years a call to missions would take the Corson family to Haiti, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Venezuela in search of meaning to live and work along side families in third world cultures.  During this time of examination, a vision was born in the hearts of Ken and Sarah.     
This Asbury couple returned to Randolph County, Alabama in 1979 to establish a training center for missionaries and church leaders from third world countries.  SIFAT was born:  an acronym for their plan, “Southern Institute for Appropriate Technology,” defines their mission; or “Servants in Faith and Technology,” described their ministry.  The 180 acre experimental farm attracts engineers, scientists, and agriculturists as well as a wide spectrum of volunteers and missionaries who want to make a difference in how people live in third world countries.     

Ken and Sarah Corson, graduates of 1960, are making a difference and we salute them as recipients of the Asbury College Alumni Award.

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