Dr. J. Eldon Neihof, Sr. '55 - 1989 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1989

Dr. J. Eldon Neihof is a graduate whose work has cast a long and lasting shadow across the lives of hundreds of students and their families.  In recognizing the dedicated and noble career of Dr. J. Eldon Neihof, we honor those who labor with him.  The shadow of influence was first cast on our friend by Asburians like itinerant evangelist, Paul Pappas, and pastor, H. J.Harvey.

Leaving the river town of Melbourne, Kentucky, Dr. Neihof took board at a mountain school where the shadow of Asburians, Lela McConnell and Karl Paulo, greatly influenced his life.  During those nostalgic years of President Dwight Eisenhower, Dr. Neihof journeyed from the rugged mountain terrain of Eastern Kentucky to the rolling Bluegrass.  His senior yearbook, The Asburian, listed the ministry as God’s call upon his life.  Ironically, his major studies focused on mathematics in education.

Dr. Neihof soon returned to the mountains where he served as teacher, house parent, and pastor to the students of Mt. Carmel High School.  Gifted as educator and administrator, KMBC, the Kentucky Mountain Bible College was later assigned to his leadership. 
The untimely death of Dr. Karl Paul thrust Dr. Neihof into the position of president of Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association, a position he continued to hold at the time of receiving the “A” Award.  As president of this association, Dr. Neihof gave leadership to Mt.Carmel High School, Kentucky Mountain Bible College, radio station WMTC, and an association of local churches.

 The shadow of influence stretches, however, beyond the rustic towns of eastern Kentucky.  For seven years he served on the Asbury College Alumni Board of Directors, giving leadership as president of the Alumni Association for one year.  World Gospel Mission tapped his wise counsel for missionary evangelism by placing him on their board of directors. One seminary president has described our friend as “a man of great commitment and unusual ability…an outstanding educator.”  With certainty we can say the shadow of life-changing influence continues to stretch across time through the lives of His servants like H. C. Morrison, Lela McConnell, Karl Paul, and now John Eldon Neihof, Sr.  Almost fifty years ago Eldon and his bride, Agnes Creed, bid goodbye to their alma mater and went back home.  Sharing in this distinction are those he has inspired across 65 years of service in ministry and education to eastern Kentucky.

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