Mrs. Janice Fraser '64 Biddulph - 1994 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1994

We pay tribute to a graduate whose life and ministry exemplify the principles of a servant-leader.  This biblical principle, “you have been faithful with a few things thus, I will put you in charge of many things,” is embodied in the persistence and faithfulness of this Asburian.
More than four decades ago, coming to Asbury College for Janice Fraser Biddulph was a foregone conclusion—her parents had met here, an older brother was a senior, and Asbury had become such a household name that more than 80 family members matriculated here.     

Looking back to the College yearbook, a footnote describes this distinguished graduate—“spirituality, academic achievement and leadership are personified in our Miss Asburian.”  This Pennsylvania native, daughter of the parsonage, established a most impressive record as a respected campus leader:  Miss Asburian, Class Officer, Freshmen Class Sponsor, Miss Homecoming, and cheerleader.     

Soon this gifted leader’s faith would be tested as she established her family and ministry in Colombia, a nation torn by drug violence and spiritual apathy.  Burdened for the professional and educated leaders of that Latin American country, Janice and her husband invested twelve years in various forms of ministry to the upper-class. To Janice and her husband all their efforts to minister were apparently ineffective.
It was at that low point in their ministry that Mrs. Biddulph discovered how small group discipleship could change lives.  For one year, she invested her spiritual energy in the lives of five women.  Cell groups soon were organized.  In twelve years hence, those five discipled women have become 200 primarily professional and upper-class women enrolled in 22 cell groups, each with two leaders.  Accountability to one another and focus on scripture memorization has become the foundational principles of this Asburian’s ministry to women.  To deal with any emotional pain and stress in the lives of these new Christians, she recruited ten Christian psychologists to donate their time to counsel and offer encouragement to those in need.   

This discipleship ministry to women parallels the work of her husband a founding pastor with five associate staff members.  In partnership with the Encounter with God strategy of LeTourneau Ministries and support of OMS International, the Christian Fellowship Church was organized and today ministers to more than 800 believers in a thriving district of Bogota.     

We proclaim wholeheartedly again—God’s prophecy of stewardship—“be faithful over a few and I will put you in charge of many…” has been fulfilled in Janice Biddulph’s life.

We recognize Janice Fraser Biddulph, graduate of the class of 1964, for her faithfulness to God and to the traditions and values of Asbury College.  In honoring Jan, we honor her husband, Howard Biddulph, class of 1965.  We salute this woman of faith and present to her the Asbury Alumni Award.

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