Dr. Hayden Carruth, Sr. '37- 1992 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1992

Life in America was tough in those days—growing up in Mississippi during the depression is only a faint memory of hard times.  In those days, families from various states migrated to the village of Wilmore so that the children could study at Bethel Academy, later named Asbury Academy.

Dr. Hayden K. Carruth said goodbye to the“magnolia state” and soon made Wilmore, Kentucky his home and Asbury his college.   In retrospect, a career as speechmaker and educator was firmly set in place early while a student at Asbury Academy.  It was in 1931 that he won the Kentucky high school state championship in dramatic interpretation while completing his high school studies. 
Campus achievements once in college included editorship of The Collegian, described that year as the student weekly for “students and Asburians around the globe”.   Debate was this Dr. Carruth’s love.  Suitcase and research material in hand, he debated teammates and traveled through the mid-west as a leader for Asbury’s varsity debate team.        
Some classmates were certain his forensic skills had predestined this graduate to become one of America’s foremost evangelists.  God had other plans however.  First, romance turned his attention toward Michigan, where his college sweetheart was now a teacher.         

Fifty-five years are now history since this English major ventured from the Bluegrass.  Accolades in higher education give testimony of this man’s achievements:

  • Executive Secretary and later president of the Michigan Speech Teachers’ Association
  • A member of the executive board for the United Speech Association
  • Honored twice with the “best teacher award” at the University of Michigan as a faculty member in speech
  • For nine years he served that university as Associate Dean for the College of Literature, Science, and Arts with more than 2000 senior and junior faculty under his guidance

At his retirement in 1978, this great university honored this man as Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Speech in the College of Arts and Sciences.  When we turned to his colleagues to find out what this man was really like, Dr. Frank Rhodes, now president of Cornell University, said Dr. Hayden K. Carruth was a man of integrity and discretion—total dedication to undergraduate education—a man full of grace and courtesy in the midst of university pressure and chaos.  

Dr. Bill Frye, now vice president for academic affairs and provost at Emory University in 1992, tagged Dr. Carruth as the “chief operating officer” for the College of Arts and Sciences at Michigan.  Dr. Frye, at that time witnessed “the gentle wit, warm smile, and unselfish service” Dr. Carruth demonstrated to student and faculty alike.

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