Mr. Frank Roughton Harvey '53 - 1993 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1993

Mr. Frank Roughton Harvey brought to campus a certain Southern charm and diction which later played a key role in shaping his future career.  His parents, both graduates of 1924, had sent their two sons to Asbury College with dreams of the Methodist ministry for both.  This Asburian, however, had other ideas on how to use his training in speech and subsequent study in theology at Emory University.

Considered a pioneer in religious drama, Frank Harvey spent thirty-three years engaged in making the Bible come alive on stage.  Although many of his solo performances take place in the local church, he regularly performed at international conventions and military sites.  Across the past three decades, 6,000 performances of “the Sermon on the Mount” have touched the lives of untold thousands.   

For ten years, tourists from across the Midwest experienced the glory of the passion play at the Living Word Amphitheatre near Cambridge, Ohio.  Mr. Harvey designed and built the set and arena, then scripted, directed and played the lead role.  Other productions include “Behold the Man,” performed in Atlanta Stadium before 44,000 people and “The Ultimate Choice,” performed for the Heritage Passion Play.
Follow this man around the country long enough and you will get to know all eight faces of Frank—Pilate, Judas, Paul, Joseph, Caiaphas, Kind David, the Roman Centurion, and Jesus.        

We honor an internationally acclaimed actor, renowned for his portrayal of biblical characters.  He has been a first rate ambassador for Asbury worldwide, and all three of his children are Asbury alums.   

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