Dr. Evyn Adams '41 - 2001 A Award Recipient

Bio from 2001

Dr. Evyn Adams was born in Karuizawa, Japan. He married Joy Young '40.  After graduation from Asbury College in 1941, Dr. Adams attended Asbury Seminary to receive a masters degree. 

Dr. Adams became a member of the Board of Global Missions of the Methodist Church and became missionaries in Hookaido, Japan.  Dr Adams and his family stayed in Japan until 1956. Dr. Adams returned to the United States to study for and to receive his Ph.D. at Drew University.

After receiving his Ph.D, Dr. Adams taught at the University of Hawaii.   He saw his world religions classes as a ministry opportunity, taking any chance he could to discuss Christianity with those who were seeking. 

Dr. Adams and his wife served in all different places. When they were on Sabbatical they visited and toured different places like the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, and England.

On October 20, 1992, Joy passed away.Dr. Adams and Joy had two daughters: Betty and Faith '74. 

Dr. Adams married  Neva Simms '50. He accepted a teaching position at Bible Seminary of Allahabad, India, and also at Bangalore and they moved to India. In the following years, he taught in Russia, Peking, and China.

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