Mr. Ellsworth Culver '49 - 2004 A Award Recipient

Mr. Ellsworth Culver, a graduate of the class of 1949, was born in Seattle.  Shortly thereafter, the Culver family moved to China to serve as missionaries.   Mr. Culver's early years spent watching his parents serve the people of China cultivated a similar passion in him.  One said that Culver “spent his whole life reaching those in need and working to build a better, more just world”.  

Mr. Culver graduated from Asbury College with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and history.   He is  known for being the Senior Vice President and Co-Founder of Mercy Corps,  an international relief and development program that reaches Africa, Asia, and Central America. Mr. Culver established a Mercy Corps in Portland, Oregon in 1982, and then went on to lead the agency’s first mission to Kosovo in 1993.  He has provided leadership for new initiatives into North Korea, China, and other East Asian countries.  Mr. Culver loves to travel and has been to over 90 countries.

Mr. Culver and his wife, Esme J. Culver, have four children, and eight grandchildren.


2006 Update:

Due to complications after a cancer surgery, Ellsworth Culver died August 16, 2005.  He was 78.


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