Mrs. Elizabeth Shaw '36 Gibson - 1986 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1986:

The hosts of evangelists who have gone forth from the village of Wilmore have been a noble witness for Asbury College.  We remember with love and appreciation our colleagues who have waged spiritual campaigns in evangelism.  The unsung hero, however, is the wife whose prayers and encouragement for her evangelist-husband set him apart as God’s anointed preacher. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson is one whose life made a difference for one who was known as the “Irish evangelist.” Although from Cleveland, Ohio, Mrs. Gibson attended Asbury High School, widely known as Bethel Academy, in Wilmore.  Her years in the academy and college prepared her well for a ministry alongside her husband. 

 Never did she lose sight of people and how Christ made a difference.  Her ministry was her proof. Whether in a crusade in suburban America or with a children’s group under a shade tree on the mission field, Mrs. Gibson always sought to meet the needs of the people about her.  Special seminars for women, illuminated blacklight art forms brought a richness to her and her husband’s evangelistic efforts.

She was also a mother with a deep passion for education.  Her travels were put aside to care for her two sons.  They too, learned from her the Asbury heritage as students.

Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson was a public school teacher for thirteen years and later president of the Wilmore P.T.A.  Her strong commitment to her alma mater was soon recognized by the Alumni Board of Directors when, in 1955, she was elected as the first woman president of the Asbury Alumni Association.

Her life has been her record of achievement.  We celebrate a person who has given herself in ministry—alongside her husband—to touch the lives of unknown hundreds.


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