Mr. D.T. Slouffman '97 - 2012 Young Alum Award Recipient

When D.T. Slouffman was choosing a college, it was a sport that played an influential role in his decision to attend Asbury. Four years later, it was sports that drew him into a television job that has since broadened into a career in writing, directing and producing a wide variety of television programming.

Slouffman, a member of  Asbury’s swim team, was in 1995 one of Asbury’s first students to competed in the NAIA National Championships.  A Media Communications Major, the opportunity came for him to begin freelancing for the ABC Sports Network while still a senior at Asbury.

After graduation, he spent time working with ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” and has since worked in different capacities on live and taped sports productions, reality series and cable network shows. This month, D. T. was in San Antonio covering the Spurs and produced interviews many of you may have viewed on TNT.

In 2007, Slouffman won his first Emmy for his work as a field producer on TNT’s “Inside the NBA”; he currently holds three Emmy Awards and has been nominated for an additional four.
It was more than sports, however, that shaped the storytelling approach Slouffman has adopted in his work; a Holiness Week speaker’s encouragement to “sing a new song” brought Psalm 96 to life in ways that still resonate.

“What it means is we are to think differently,” Slouffman said. “How can you see things from a new perspective? He wants you to sing a new song, and I think about that on every show I’m on.”

D.T. and his wife Heidi live in New York and have one daughter, Holly Anne.  Though work has him traveling a good deal, D.T. is active in local church leadership and came to campus as a featured guest during the dedication of the Andrew S. Miller Communication Arts Center.