Dr. David Stevens '73 - 1998 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1998:

"Changing the heart of medicine by changing the hearts of doctors."  This is the stated goal of the 11,000 member Christian Medical and Dental Society headed by Asburian Dr. David Stevens.  A member of the Cavalier class, Dr. Stevens was challenged to pursue medial missions while on a mission trip with his father, Asburian, Maurice Stevens '47.  As a young boy, Dr. Stevens first saw the human suffering of those crowding inside medical clinics, a sight that would become all too familiar in his future career.

In his present position as executive director of the Christian Medical and Dental Society, Dr. Stevens oversees the organization's efforts to:

  • address policies on healthcare issues
  • conduct overseas and domestic mission projects
  • coordinate a Christian doctor's network for fellowship and education
  • sponsor student ministries in medical and dental schools
  • distribute educational and inspirational resoures
  • hold marriage and family conferences
  • provide Third World missionary doctors with continuing education resources
  • conduct academic exchange programs overseas

Dr Stevens has helped CMDS develop an evangelism training program that teaches thousands of doctors and support staff how to share their faith in a healthcare setting.  He is a leading spokesman for Christian doctors in America as he conducts hundreds of television, radio, and print media interviews.  Dr. Stevens has appeared on national shows such as Focus on the Family, Prime Time America, and the NBC Today Show.  He writes a regular health column for the New Man (Promise Keepers magazine), and serves on the editorial board of Christian Singles magazine.

Dr. Stevens is on the frontlines of some of the most complex issues of our day.  As an advocate for bioethics, he speaks and writes boldly from a Christian perspective on the topics of physician assisted suicide, partial birth abortion, mandated abortion training, embryo research and religious freedom issues.

In his work with CMDS, Dr. Stevens has a strong background in ministry and medicine to draw upon.  Prior to his appointment at CMDS, he served as director of World Medical Mission where he headed emergency medical outreaches in war-torn Somalia, Sudan and Bosnia.

From 1985 to 1991, he served as executive officer and medical superintendent of Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya, one of the outstanding mission hospitals in the Third World.  Under appointment by World Gospel Mission (WGM), this Asburian directed a $4 million development plan, secured the installation of a hydroelectric plant, oversaw the start of a nursing school and doubled the size of the hospital.  The community health care program he designed at Tenwek is currently reaching 200,000 Kenyans and serves as a global example of what Third World medical outreach can accomplish.

The son of Asbury parents, his life's partner is also an Asburian, Jody Thacker '74.  Their son, Jason is an Asbury College sophomore and daughter Jessica is an entering freshman.  Their third child, Stacy, is at home in Bristol Tennessee.


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