Dr. David Brabon '69 - 1994 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1994

Among the Asbury family is one we honor for a career in medicine.  The dream to be a doctor was lodged deep in Dr. David Brabon's young heart and nurtured by missionary parents.  Although the scope of his medical career has taken a radical departure from those childhood dreams, his work in medicine and citizenship span two continents.
Commencement at Asbury College, proved to be only the beginning of Dr.Brabon’s studies. Thirteen years later - with degrees from Louisville School of Medicine and Wayne State University, and internships at hospitals in Michigan and Kentucky - his colleagues predicted from this thirty something a promising and successful future as a surgeon in plastic and reconstructive surgery.  Deep within his soul, however, he knew that his success and wealth would come, not from America's hospitals, but from reaching out with a healing touch to the poor in South America.   
As this surgeon turned his heart toward the land of his birth, God directed him to a medical career as a "tentmaker" affiliated with OMS International rather than as the traditional role of missionary doctor. The twelve years prior to receiving the "A" Award have demonstrated the wisdom of being a physician whose paycheck is paid in pesos and whose employer is Bogotá's largest charity hospital.  In this context of a meager Colombian salary, his witness of the Gospel of Christ speaks clearly to the medical community of that city.        

In January of 1994, Dr. David Brabon was appointed chief of the largest burn center in South America along with his major duties for the Plastic Surgery Department of the Simon Bolivar Hospital.  This Asburian, as chief of clinics and outpatient services, touches the lives of all the medical students, residents, and interns at two universities in Bogotá.        

God has strategically placed this surgeon in a major population area-with a large medical community as curious onlookers - not only to bring healing to physical needs but to bring healing for spiritual needs. Gideon Bibles frequent the hospital rooms as well as resident and staff lockers.  Annual lectures on "Science and Faith" at Colombia Bible Seminary, sponsored by OMS International in Medellin, and lay leadership as an elder in the Christian Fellowship Church of Bogotá provide open doors of influence to the Christian community.  MAP International, a worldwide relief agency, listens to this man in times of national emergency.  Another hat he wears is "consulting physician" for missionaries who serve in Colombia.        

As tentmaker two months each year this international physican comes to Kentucky where he is assigned to one of the hospitals serving the Appalachian mountain region.  His life is consistent-a large charity hospital in Colombia or a small hospital in the Appalachian foothills - no surgical fees, no large salary, just an opportunity to touch the lives of hurting people.

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