Rev. Powell '35 and Mrs. Helene Stewart '40 Royster - 1995 A Award Recipients

Bio from 1995

Following their studies at Asbury College and Asbury Seminary, Powell and Helene began their own unique ministries in the Louisville area.  Powell, in 1937, began his pastoral ministry in the Methodist Church.  Helene, one of the first women to graduate from the Seminary in 1943, focused her energy on ministry to the military at the Victory Center in Louisville.  In 1946, the Roysters were married.

Helene and Powell were commissioned by the Methodist Church in 1948 as missionaries to Costa Rica.  Here they taught at the Colegio Metodista in San Jose and served the Union Church.  Ten years of ministry demonstrated a magnificent witness of their gifts in educational leadership and church growth.

Returning to the States, Powell began 18 years of ministry as chaplain and director of clinical pastoral care at the Methodist Evangelical Hospital in Louisville.  A few years after their return to Kentucky, Helene in 1966 responded to the staff chaplain at Ft. Knox to assist in starting a fellowship program for soldiers.  Almost 30 years later Helene and Powell continue to direct Operation Appreciation, an in-depth ministry to soldiers at a local church and the Sycamore House, the Roysters’ residence.

Literally thousands of soldiers in basic training have experienced the love of Christ through “Operation Appreciation.”  The Roysters deserve our salute as recipients of the Asbury College Alumni Award.

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