Dr. Cullen B. Rivers '67 - 2002 A Award Recipient

Bio from 2002

Dr Cullen B. Rivers graduated from Asbury College in 1967.  He then went on to the Medical College of Georgia, graduating in 1971.  Dr. Rivers finished his internship, residency, and a fellowship of Pulmonary Care in 1976.

After finishing medical school and his residency, Dr. Rivers set up a private practice in Richmond, Virginia, specializing in pulmonary and critical care.  He has continued his private practice to this day.  He is consistantly named one of Richmon's "Top Doctors."

In 1988, Dr. Rivers became a Board Member and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Chippenham Medical Center.  In 1999, he was awarded the "Community Service Award by the Richmond Academy of Medicine.  And in 2000, Dr. Rivers was given the "Man at the Gate" Mentorship award for Richmnd Community Service and leadership.  He has also been on the Board of the Christian Medical and Dental Society, and is involved with Community Reconciliation ministry in Richmond.

Dr. Rivers is not only a servant when in his professional career.  He is also actively involved in ministry and missions in his church, Third Presbyterian Church in Richmond.  He is a part of the Special ministry and Interest in Missions Committee.  He has co-led Sunday School Series for Adult classes, and speaks to churches and other groups about the needs of the homeless and indigent in Richmond to encourage God's people to respond with loving compassion and tangible help.

Dr. Rivers is an advocate for medical missions, regularly taking 2-3 week mission trips to Domican Republic and Haiti.  Through these, he ministers to physical and spiritual needs to people who may have never seen a "real" doctor.  He takes paret in each of these at his own expense, plus raising large amounts to leave with the clinics for medical supplies. 

While ministering to the needs of people in the Dominican Republic and Haiti are important outreaches, Dr. Rivers has not lost sight of the needs of many that live around him.  He is the co-founder and regular volunteer of Crossover Ministries, a major medical and dental ministry to the needy and homeless in Richmond, VA.  Dr. Rivers is currently president of this Board of Crossover Ministries, 1996 to present.  This program began as a store-front medical service to Richmond's poor and homeless unable to pay doctor and medical charges.  Crossover Ministres is now a Medical and Dental facility in downtown Richmond, available to anyone without insurance or with need. 

Crossover Mnistries served 16,000 patients prior to 2000 and and now includes: clinics fully staffed with volunteer doctors and nurses and paid (by voluntary contributions form staff and others in Richmond), doctors provide Saturday medical care at local soup kitchesn for the homeless in downtown Richmond, doctors provide outreach medical teams taht travel to 5 different churches throughout Richmond to care for medical needs at various locations, doctors train lay Health Promoters in basic wellness.  Thus a graduate can help members in their churches, neighborhoods, and housing projects, evne in prison ministry.  These students take a 10 week course in Health Management- each student makes health contacts about what they are learning and helps those in need.  So far, 205 people have graduated from this program and have made over 26,000 health contacts in the City of Richmond.

Dr. Rivers is the founder and currently chairperson of the Medical Ethics Committee of the chippenham Hospital, rated on of the 100 best hospitals in the United States.  He is also a member of the Bio-ethical Consortium of the City of Richmond.

In the midst of all of this, Dr. Rivers has not forgotten his Alma Mater.  He served on the Alumni Board from 1997 to 2000.  His wife, Faye Ann Collins '71" Rivers, and two out of his three children are Asbury graduates.

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