Mr. Clayton Carpenter '62 - 2012 A Award Recipient

Clayon C. Carpenter serves as a compliance consultant for the pharmaceutical industry, a role in which his experiences in several different aspects of the industry have come together in surprising ways.

A member of the Explorer Class of 1962, Clayon met and fell in love with Ester Waddle.  After graduating from Asbury with a degree in biology and chemistry, Carpenter went to Ohio University for graduate work and then joined a research facility near Washington, D.C. Throughout the next two decades, he gained experience in pharmaceutical research, management and market development at several different laboratories and companies, as well as earning an MBA at Bristol University. In 1990, he became the co-founder and co-president of a firm that provided technical and professional consultation to the device and pharmaceutical industries for health care to humans and animals.

With a brief break to serve as Senior Vice President, Manufacturing Quality, for a pharmaceutical company, Carpenter has worked as a compliance consultant since 2000. With the experience of hindsight, Carpenter can see how each of the positions he held throughout his career has prepared him for the next, often in ways that were unrecognizable at the time.

“So often young people want something quickly, and I’ve learned throughout 72 years that things don’t always happen in a short amount of time,” Carpenter said. “But God always has a plan.”  Several years ago, while on the Asbury University Alumni Board, Clayon had the opportunities to speak several times to classes of Asbury students.

Though living many years in Bristol, TN, today the Carpenter's call South Carolina home.

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