Rev. Clarence Yates '41 - 1991 A Award Recipient

Bio from 1991

We pay tribute to a graduate whose successful career is no surprise to his classmates.  So predictable, they elected him president their freshman year and applauded his basketball prowess on the hardwood.  By his senior year, Clarence Yates had gained the respect and attention of the entire Asbury campus.    

Born into the parsonage, this Asburian received the mantle of ministry from his father, a Methodist preacher, who once served as pastor of the Wilmore Methodist Church.  Licensed to preach at the age of twelve, his entire life has been surrounded by this call to preach.   God has anointed this Methodist clergyman wherever he has served.  While in Lexington, Kentucky, as pastor of the Centenary United Methodist Church, the present stone structure was built on the property adjacent to Central Baptist Hospital.    

The cold winters of the Bluegrass soon turned Rev.Yates’ heart southward to Florida, where he devoted thirty years to the ministry.  For eleven years, his leadership at the Pinecastle United Methodist Church brought national attention for its aggressive and vital growth.  Membership increased from 1,200 to 2,900 with 1,400 in worship every Sunday.  People from across Central Florida recognized in this church a strong program in evangelism and missions.  Families were finding Christ and their lives were being transformed.  During these years, more than 50 students under than man’s leadership, including a daughter, Sharon, and son, Phillip, were directed to Asbury College.      
His friends and church family called him “the golfing preacher.”  His bishop, however, reported that he was a “better preacher than golfer.”   In 1985, Rev. Yates launched a full-time evangelistic ministry.  At the time of receiving the “A” Award, he was currently heard in Central Florida on the radio program called “Morning Light.”  His program entitled “Total Family Evangelism” takes him throughout the country in special evangelistic efforts.  Although a candidate for senior citizen’s discounts, this graduate continued to work hard in preaching the Gospel as he did fifty years ago.  

As a college student, Clarence Yates proudly donned the red and gray of the Bulldog class.  One loyal fan was his class sweetheart, Charlotte Louise Mott, who continued to encourage him in his call to preach.  We salute Clarence M. Yates, Class of 1941, a distinguished graduate of Asbury College.

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